Frequently Asked Questions


We aim to give you a choice of creative talented editors who are a match to your production. Once you’re happy you’ve made the right selection, we will then work with you and the editor to agree a rate and dates of booking. All our freelancers charge the normal industry rate.

Why don’t I just book them direct?
You can, however if the start date or length of contract changes or there is an over- run and it doesn’t work for your chosen editor, you are left at the last minute with no option but to start the search again.

We understand this happens and are here to help. Contact Hyper Media and we can confirm any changes with our editor and if the new dates aren’t feasible, we will find you an alternative from our pool of available talent.

Is there a cost involved?
There are no charges for our clients. We make our income from charging a fixed percentage from our editors. 

Are you available out-of-office hours?
We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and will respond to you as soon as possible.

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How much work can you provide me?
Due to the nature of the television industry, no-one cannot guarantee the quantity of work, however, it is in our interest to keep you as busy as possible.

What will it cost me?
There are no charges until we find you suitable work. Hyper Media will then charge you a fixed percentage, which is set out in our rolling contract.

How much will I earn?
Client budgets can vary, however we will always work hard to achieve the best rate for the job.
You are under no obligation to take a booking, until you are happy.

Am I tied to Hyper Media?
Not at all. You can continue to get work yourself or via other agencies.

All we ask is once we introduce you to a client, all bookings are made through Hyper Media.

What will I gain working with Hyper Media?
We will give you an online presence and make sure your CV is submitted for suitable projects we have sourced from our contacts in production companies and broadcasters.

Hyper Media is working for you. We will listen to your needs and support you in your working life by tailoring the bookings accordingly.

Hopefully these points have answered your questions, if not, feel free to get in touch:

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